Monday, April 26, 2010

Forthcoming book by Mathias Risse: "The Grounds of Justice"

From Mathias Risse's website at Harvard University:

Book in Progress:
The Grounds of Justice

An Inquiry about the State in Global Perspective
(pdf, 6,5 MB)

678 pp.


(See Risse's own summary of the book on pp. 40-46).

Part 1: Reconsidering the State
1: Introduction - Inquiring about the State in Global Perspective
2: Pluralist Internationalism
3: Immediacy and Reciprocity – the Moral Relevance of Shared Membership in a State
4: What is Owed to Persons in Virtue of Being Human: the Institutional Stance, Human Rights, and Non-Relationism
5: “Imagine There’s No Countries:” A Reply to John Lennon
6: But does not the Global Order Harm the Poor?

Part 2: Common Ownership of the Earth
7: Hugo Grotius and Global Public Reason: Collective Ownership of the Earth as a Non-Parochial Standpoint
8: Original Ownership of the Earth: A Contemporary Approach
9: Immigration and Original Ownership of the Earth
10: Towards a Contingent Derivation of Human Rights
11: But the Earth Abideth For Ever: Common Ownership of the Earth
and Obligations towards Future Generations
12: Climate Change and Common Ownership of the Earth

Part 3: International Political and Economic Structures
13: Human Rights as Membership Rights in the Global Order
14: Arguing for Human Rights: Essential Pharmaceuticals
15: Obligations from Trading
16: Arguing for Human Rights: Labor Rights
17: Global Institutions: Justice, Accountability, and the WTO

Epilogue: The Grounds of Justice

Mathias Risse is Associate Professor of Public Policy and Philosophy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

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