Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Papers on Dworkin's "Justice for Hedgehogs"

From "Boston University Law Review" vol. 90 no. 2 (April 2010):

Papers from the symposium on Ronald Dworkin's forthcoming book "Justice for Hedgehogs", September 25-26, 2009, at Boston University School of Law.

The book is coming out on Harvard University Press in October 2010.

Justice for Hedgehogs [pdf]
Ronald Dworkin

The Possibility of Metaethics [pdf]
Russ Shafer-Landau

Moral Skepticism for Foxes
Daniel Star

Dworkin on External Skepticism [pdf]
Michael Smith

Moral Limits of Dworkin's Theory of Law and Legal Interpretation
David Lyons

Varieties of Responsibility [pdf]
T.M. Scanlon

Dworkin on Ethics and Freewill [pdf]
Amartya Sen

Dignity and Global Duty [pdf]
Kwame Anthony Appiah

What Ethical Responsibility Cannot Justify [pdf]
F.M. Kamm

In Hedgehog Solidarity [pdf]
C. Edwin Baker

Taking Responsibilities as Well as Rights Seriously [pdf]
James E. Fleming

Dworkin's "One-System" Conception of Law and Morality [pdf]
Hugh Baxter

In Favor of Foxes: Pluralism as Fact and Aid to the Pursuit of Justice [pdf]
Martha Minow & Joseph William Singer

Equality of Resources, Market Luck, and the Justification of Adjusted Market Distributions [pdf]
Samuel Freeman

Foxy Freedom? [pdf]
Frank I. Michelman

Human Rights for Hedgehogs? [pdf]
Robert D. Sloane

Procedure, Participation, Rights [pdf]
Robert G. Bone

Against Majoritarianism: Democratic Values and Institutional Design

Stephen Macedo

A Majority in the Lifeboat [pdf]
Jeremy Waldron

Response [pdf]
Ronald Dworkin

Videos from the symposium can be found here!

For excerpts from Ronald Dworkin's forthcoming book, see my previous post.


gary e. davis said...

Justice for Hedgehogs has just this week appeared in my local bookstore, though it's still unavailable via So, expect the book any day. When philosophers get senior, they win the privilege of writing on everything under the sun, and that's apparently what Dworkin has done. His reach for a unification of conceptuality across specialty topics looks like a portent of Heidegger's question of Being. Problem is, the world is run by foxes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe people might want to take a look at our latest issue of “Problema” a Legal, Moral and Political Philosophy Journal from UNAM Mexico, it has several articles commenting on “Justice for Hedgehogs” it’s free and available online, here is the link: Thanks.