Monday, August 23, 2010

Conference on "The Epistemology of Liberal Democracy"

The second Copenhagen Conference in Epistemology was held August 19-20 at the University of Copenhagen.

The main speakers were:

David Christensen (Brown University):
The Epistemology of Political Controversy

David Estlund (Brown University):
Democracy and Moral Knowledge

Gerald Gaus (University of Arizona):
Between Discovery and Choice: Social Equilibrium and Social Knowledge

Stephan Hartmann (Tilburg University):
Voting, Deliberation and Truth

Rainer Hegselmann (University of Bayreuth):
Epistemic Networking: Costs, Benefits, Winners and Losers

Vincent F. Hendricks (University of Copenhagen):
Logic, Learning and Pluralistic Ignorance

Michael Lynch (University of Connecticut):
Democracy and Epistemic Incommensurability

Erik J. Olsson (Lund University):
The Epistemology of Group Polarization

See the abstracts to all talks here [pdf].

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