Sunday, July 24, 2011

Interview with Martha Nussbaum in "The Australian"

In "The Australian" (July 13, 2011), a short interview with Professor Martha Nussbaum on her book "Not for Profit" (Princeton University Press, 2010):

"Our world needs the humanities"


Q: In your writing, we encounter a person called the world citizen. How would I spot one in a bar?

A: Well, I think you'd have to strike up a conversation about some global topic: free-trade coffee, global warming or terrorism. Then you'd see whether this person was just parroting slogans from the media or was really thinking for him or herself. You'd see whether there was at least a reasonable degree of knowledge behind the claims being made. I'd also look for a high level of listening and curiosity, some self-doubt and humility rather than complacency, and an ability to imagine what other people are thinking and feeling.

See my previous post on "Not for Profit" here.

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