Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New book: 40 Essays on Jürgen Habermas

Jürgen Habermas, Volumes I and II

ed. by Camil Ungureanu, Klaus Günther
& Christian Joerges

(Ashgate, 2011)

1014 pages


Jürgen Habermas is widely regarded as one of the outstanding intellectuals of our time. This collection focuses on the theory of law which can be distilled from his vast compendium of work. At the same time the collection places this theory in the context of Habermas' overall contribution to the theory of society, political theory and social philosophy. Volume I on 'The Discourse Theory of Law and Democracy' identifies the theoretical foundations. Volume II focuses on the critical debate of Habermas' discourse theory of law and democracy, on the challenges posed by the postnational constellation (Europeanization and processes of globalization) and on particular strands within his work, such as genetic technology and religion. Each volume is prefaced by a comprehensive introduction by the editors.



Introduction: Jürgen Habermas's Discourse Theory of Democracy and Law [20 pages]

Part I: Foundations

1. Enlightenment and the Idea of Public Reason (1995), Thomas McCarthy [Abstract]
2. Facts, Norms, and Normative Facts (2000), Robert Brandom
3. Universality and Truth, and Response to Jürgen Habermas (2000), Richard Rorty

Part II: The Discourse Theory

4. Grasping the Force of the Better Argument (2003), William Rehg [Abstract]
5. The Communicative Paradigm in Moral Theory (1999), Alessandro Ferrara
6. Legitimacy Without Morality (2002), Peter Niesen
7. Plurality of the Good? (1997) Karl-Otto Apel [Abstract]
8. Values and Norms (2002), Hilary Putnam
9. Comment on Jürgen Habermas' "From Kant to Hegel and Back Again" (1999), Charles Taylor [Abstract]

Part III: Habermas's Theory of Democracy

10. Historical Context and the Legacy of German Legal-Political Thought (2003), John P. McCormick
11. On the Origins of Constitutional Patriotism (2006), Jan-Werner Müller
12. Models of Public Space (1992), Seyla Benhabib [Abstract]
13. Activist Challenges to Deliberative Democracy (2001), Iris Marion Young
14. The Rule of Reasons (2001), Rainer Forst [Abstract]
15. Reflections on Habermas on Democracy (1999), Joshua Cohen [Abstract]

Part IV: The Legal System

16. Democracy, Human Rights, and the Problem of a Worldwide Civil Society (1998), Albrecht Wellmer
17. Individual Freedom and Social Equality (2000), David Ingram
18. Basic Rights and Democracy in Jürgen Habermas's Procedural Paradigm of Law (1994), Robert Alexy [Abstract]
19. Procedural Justice? (2003) Cristina Lafont [Abstract]
20. A Question of Institutionalization (2007), Christopher F. Zurn


Introduction: Reflections on Habermas's Postnational Constellation [22 pages]

Part I: Debating Habermas

1. Political Liberalism: Reply to Habermas (1995), John Rawls [Abstract]
2. How Can the People Ever Make the Laws? (1997) Frank I. Michelman
3. Quod Omnes Tangit (1995), Niklas Luhmann
4. From Consent to Dissent (2000), Marcello Neves
5. The Other of Justice (1995), Axel Honneth
6. Governmentality and Deliberative Politics (2005), Thomas Biebricher
7. Derrida on Free Decision (2008), Camil Ungureanu [Abstract]
8. Critical Social Theory and the Feminist Critiques (1995), Jean L. Cohen

Part II: The Postnational Constellation

9. Habermas, Supranational Democracy and the European Constitution (2006), John P. McCormick [Abstract]
10. An Emerging European Public Sphere (2005), Erik Oddvar Eriksen [Abstract]
11. The Constitutionalization of International Law (2001), Klaus Günther
12. Facts Without Norms? (2007) Christoph Humrich
13. Global Governance Without Global Government? (2008) William E. Scheuerman
14. State and Constitution – a Reply to Scheuerman (2008), Hauke Brunkhorst [Abstract]
15. Towards a Critical Theory of Global Justice (2001), Rainer Forst [Abstract]
16. Habermas's Call for Cosmopolitan Constitutional Patriotism in an Age of Global Terror (2007), Michel Rosenfeld
17. Preventing Military Humanitarian Intervention? (2009) Regina Kreide
18. Habermas on Human Cloning (2004), Eduardo Mendieta [Abstract]
19. Online Forums and Deliberative Democracy (2005), Davy Janssen & Raphaël Kies
20. A Secular State for a Postsecular Society? (2007) Maeve Cooke [Abstract]

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