Saturday, May 05, 2012

Gerald Gaus on Rawls and Hobbes

Gerald Gaus has posted four new papers at his website:

* "The Turn to a Political Liberalism"
Forthcoming in The Blackwell Companion to Rawls, ed. by David Reidy and Jon Mandle (Wiley-Blackwell)

* "On the Appropriate Mode of Justifying a Public Moral Constitution"
The Harvard Review, forthcoming. [on John Rawls]

* "Social Contract and Social Choice"
Rutgers Law Journal , forthcoming. [on Amartya Sen & John Rawls]

* "Hobbes's Challenge to Public Reason Liberalism"
Forthcoming in Hobbes Today, ed. by S.A. Lloyd (Cambridge University Press). [on Thomas Hobbes & John Rawls]

Gerald Gaus is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona. He is the author of "Contemporary Theories of Liberalism: Public Reason as a Post-Enlightenment Project" (Sage, 2003) and "The Order of Public Reason: A Theory of Freedom and Morality in a Diverse and Bounded World" (Cambridge University Press, 2011).

(Thanks to ABC Democracy for the pointer!)

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