Thursday, November 13, 2014

Terry Pinkard reviews Axel Honneth

At "Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews", Terry Pinkard has written a review of Axel Honneth's book on "Freedom's Right" (Columbia University Press, 2014):

Review of "Freedom's Right"


John Rawls' A Theory of Justice brought Kantian approaches to center stage in political philosophy. After that came an avalanche of articles and books on Rawls' theory itself and on how Kantian Rawls really was. It has taken some time, but now, with Axel Honneth's book, the Hegelian development of Kantianism is moving slowly to its own place on center stage. It will also most likely produce a similar wave of articles and books on how Hegelian he really is. Overall, the differences are clear: whereas Rawls and his successors focused on a few general principles of justice and how they were to be specified, Honneth-the-Hegelian stresses history, sociology, and the way the principles take on different lives in different actualizations. But how Hegelian is Honneth?

See also Robert Pippin on Honneth's Critical Theory (video + paper).

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