Saturday, April 04, 2015

Review of Shlomi Segall on Egalitarianism

At "Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews", Blain Neufeld reviews Shlomi Segall's "Equality of Opportunity" (Oxford University Press, 2013):

Review of "Equality and Opportunity"

In this book, Shlomi Segall formulates a 'luck egalitarian' conception of justice and applies that conception to the policy areas of hiring, education, upbringing, and health. He also argues for the superiority of his conception of justice over rival luck egalitarian and 'relational egalitarian' views. While Segall's conception of justice strikes me as more plausible than the luck egalitarian alternatives that he discusses, I do not think that he scores any decisive points against the relational egalitarian approach to theorizing about justice.

Blain Neufeld is Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.

Many of Shlomi Segall's papers are available here.

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