Sunday, August 09, 2009

English translation of book on Habermas and religion

Polity Press has announced that it is planning an English translation of "Ein Bewusstsein von dem, was fehlt" (Suhrkamp Verlag, 2008):

An Awareness of What is Missing
A discussion with Jürgen Habermas

Ed. by Michael Reder & Josef Schmidt

(Polity Press, 2010), 96 pages

The book contains papers from a debate between Habermas and philosophers from the Jesuit School for Philosophy in Munich in 2007. The volume includes:

Michael Reder & Josef Schmidt - Habermas and Religion
Jürgen Habermas - An Awareness of What is Missing
Norbert Brieskorn - On the Attempt to Recall a Relationship
Michael Reder - How Far Can Faith and Reason Be Distinguished?
Friedo Ricken - Postmetaphysical Reason and Religion
Josef Schmidt - A Dialogue in Which There Can Only Be Winners
Jürgen Habermas - A Reply

The two contributions by Habermas are not adding much to what Habermas has published elsewhere, but his essay includes a short critique of Pope Benedict XVI's 2006 Regensburg address. The most recent essay by Habermas on religion is "What is Meant by a Post-Secular Society?" in his book "Europe. The Faltering Project" (Polity Press, 2009) pp. 59-77.

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