Saturday, October 03, 2009

Against Injustice - The New Economics of Amartya Sen

New book edited by Reiko Gotoh & Paul Dumouchel:

Against Injustice
- The New Economics of Amartya Sen

(Cambridge University Press, 2009)

344 pages


Traditional theories of justice as formulated by political philosophers, jurists, and economists have all tended to see injustice as simply a breach of justice, a breakdown of the normal order. Amartya Sen’s work acts as a corrective to this tradition by arguing that we can recognise patent injustices, and come to a reasoned agreement about the need to remedy them, without reference to an explicit theory of justice. "Against Injustice" brings together distinguished academics from a variety of different fields – including economics, law, philosophy, and anthropology – to explore the ideas underlying Sen’s critique of traditional approaches to injustice. The centerpiece of the book is the first chapter by Sen in which he outlines his conception of the relationship between economics, ethics, and law. The rest of the book addresses a variety of theoretical and empirical issues that relate to this conception, concluding with a response from Sen to his critics.


Introduction [pdf] - Reiko Gotoh and Paul Dumouchel

1. Economics, Law and Ethics - Amartya Sen
2. Neorepublicanism and Sen's Economic, Legal and Ethical Desiderata - Philip Pettit
3. The Prajâpati Test: Response to Amartya Sen - Marcel Hénaff
4. The Power of a Democratic Public - Philip Pettit
5. The Challenge of Gender Justice - Martha C. Nussbaum
6. Gift, Market, and Social Justice - Marcel Hénaff
7. Justice and Public Reciprocity - Reiko Gotoh
8. Reasoning with Preferences? - John Broome
9. Conceptions of Individual Rights and Freedom in Welfare Economics: A Re-Examination - Prasanta K. Pattanaik and Yongsheng Xu
10. On Synthetic Indices of Multidimensional Well-Being - Andrea Brandolini
11. Assessing Children's Capabilities - Flavio Comim
12. The Search for Socially Sustainable Development - Jean-Luc Dubois
13. Response - Amartya Sen

Reiko Gotoh and Paul Dumouchel are professors at Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan.

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