Friday, October 30, 2009

Conference: “The Foundations of Morality”

At New York University, November 6 and 7, 2009:

Conference on Issues in Modern Philosophy:
The Foundations of Morality

The New York University Department of Philosophy will host the sixth in its series of conferences on issues in the history of modern philosophy.


First session: Hobbes
Speaker: Stephen Darwall (Yale)
Commentator: Susanne Sreedhar (Boston)

Second session: Hume
Speaker: Kate Abramson (Indiana)
Commentator: Michael Gill (Arizona)

Third session: Kant and Hegel
Speaker: Sally Sedgwick (Illinois)
Commentator: Karl Ameriks (Notre Dame)

Fourth session: Mill
Speaker: John Skorupski (St. Andrews)
Commentator: J.B. Schneewind (Johns Hopkins)

Fifth session: Contemporary Philosophy
Speaker: Peter Singer (Princeton)
Speaker: Barbara Herman (UCLA)

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