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Paperback: "A Companion to Contemporary Political Philosophy"

A Companion to Contemporary Political Philosophy
2nd Edition

Ed. by Robert E. Goodin, Philip Pettit, & Thomas W. Pogge

(Wiley-Blackwell, 2007 -
paperback January 2012)

912 pages


Political philosophy has become an increasingly active area of research over the past four decades. In response to the growing interest in the field, this new edition of A Companion to Contemporary Political Philosophy has been extended significantly to include fifty–five chapters across two volumes written by some of today’s most distinguished scholars.
Straddling analytic and continental philosophy, the first part of the Companion considers the contributions of economics, history, law, political science, international relations and sociology to normative political thought. The collection then provides analyses of eight live political ideologies, including new chapters on Cosmopolitanism and Fundamentalism, and detailed discussions of key concepts, with much expanded coverage of international politics and global justice. New contributors include some of today’s most distinguished scholars, among them Thomas Pogge, Charles Beitz, and Michael Doyle.

From the Preface to the Second Edition (2007)

The second edition of the Companion to Contemporary Political Philosophy, prepared over a dozen years after the first, has been thoroughly revamped in order to take account of recent developments in the subject. Most of the entries from the first edition have been rewritten by the original hands, with a few being supplemented by other authors where the original was no longer available; a few have been penned afresh by new hands; and a range of extra entries have been added. Where there were just over forty chapters in the original work, there are nearly sixty in this.

Content [pdf] [Preview]

Part I: Disciplinary Contributions

1. Analytical Philosophy [pdf] - Philip Pettit
2. Continental Philosophy - David West
3. History - Richard Tuck
4. Sociology - Kieran Healy
5. Economics - Geoffrey Brennan
6. International Political Economy - Richard Higgott
7. Political Science - Robert E. Goodin
8. International Relations - Helen V. Milner
9. Legal Studies - Tom Campbell

Part II: Major Ideologies

10. Anarchism - Richard Sylvan & Robert Sparrow
11. Conservatism - Anthony Quinton & Annie Norton
12. Cosmopolitanism - Thomas Pogge
13. Feminism - Jane Mansbridge & Susan Moller Okin
14. Liberalism - Alan Ryan
15. Marxism - Barry Hindess
16. Fundamentalisms - R. Scott Appleby
17. Socialism - Peter Self & Michael Freeden

Part III: Special Topics

18. Autonomy - Gerald Dworkin
19. Civil Society - Rainer Forst
20. Community and Multiculturalism - Will Kymlicka
21. Contract and Consent - Jean Hampton
22. Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law - C. L. Ten
23. Corporatism and Syndicalism - Bob Jessop
24. Criminal Justice - Nicola Lacey
25. Democracy - Amy Gutmann
26. Dirty Hands - C. A. J. Coady
27. Discourse - Ernesto Laclau
28. Distributive Justice [pdf] - Peter Vallentyne
29. Efficiency - Russell Hardin
30. Environmentalism - John Passmore & Stephen Gardiner
31. Equality - Richard J. Arneson
32. Federalism - William H. Riker & Andreas Føllesdal
33. Historical Justice - Martha Minow
34. Human Rights - Charles R. Beitz
35. International Distributive Justice [pdf] - Philippe Van Parijs
36. Intellectual Property - Seana Valentine Shiffrin
37. Just War - Jeff McMahan
38. Legitimacy - Richard E. Flathman
39. Liberty - Chandran Kukathas
40. Personhood - Timothy Mulgan
41. Power - Frank Lovett
42. Property - Andrew Reeve
43. Republicanism - Knud Haakonssen
44. Responsibility: Personal, Collective, Corporate - Christopher Heath Wellman
45. Rights - Jeremy Waldron
46. Secession and Nationalism - Allen Buchanan
47. Sociobiology - Allan Gibbard
48. Sovereignty and Humanitarian Military Intervention [pdf] - Michael Doyle
49. The State - Patrick Dunleavy
50. States of Emergency - David Dyzenhaus
51. Toleration - Stephen Macedo
52. Totalitarianism - Eugene Kamenka
53. Trust and Social Capital - Bo Rothstein
54. Virtue - William A. Galston
55. Welfare - Alan Hamlin

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