Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Festschrift for John Broome

Weighing & Reasoning
Themes from the Philosophy of John Broome

Ed. by Iwao Hirose & Andrew Reisner

(Oxford University Press, March 2015)

272 pages


John Broome has made major contributions to, and radical innovations in, contemporary moral philosophy. His research combines the formal method of economics with philosophical analysis. Broome's works stretch over formal axiology, decision theory, philosophy of economics, population axiology, the value of life, the ethics of climate change, the nature of rationality, and practical and theoretical reasoning. 

Weighing and Reasoning brings together fifteen original essays from leading philosophers who have been influenced by the work and thought of John Broome. It aims to offer a comprehensive evaluation of Broome's wide-ranging and far-reaching philosophical works over the past thirty years. 

Contents [preview]

My Long Road to Philosophy - John Broome 

Part I: Weighing

1. Liberty, Preference Satisfaction, and the Case Against Categories - Geoffrey Brennan 
2. Challenges to the Principle of Personal Good - Doug MacLean 
3. Metasemantics out of Economics? - Anandi Hattiangadi
4. Separability - Iwao Hirose
5. The Social Disvalue of Premature Deaths [pdf] - Hilary Greaves 
6. Being and Well-Being - Krister Bykvist 
7. On the Social and Personal Value of Existence [pdf] - Marc Fleurbaey & Alex Voorhoeve
8. The Affirmative Answer to the Existential Question and the Person Affecting Restriction - Gustaf Arrhenius

Part II: Reasoning

9.   The Meaning of 'Darn It!' [pdf] - Luc Bovens & Wlodek Rabinowicz 
10. Keeping Things Simple - Roger Crisp
11. Moral Requirements - Michael J. Zimmerman
12. Reasons for Broome - Jonathan Dancy
13. Normative Conflicts and the Structure of Normativity - Andrew Reisner 
14. Reasons and Rationality: the Case of Group Agents - Lara Buchak & Philip Pettit
15. Weighing Explanations - Stephen Kearns & Daniel Star 

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