Thursday, May 14, 2009

Podcasts from GA Cohen conference January 2009

On the website of Oxford University you can now download podcasts from the conference "Rescuing Justice and Equality: Celebrating the Career of G.A. Cohen" in January 2009.

The title of the conference was taken from Cohen's latest book (published by Harvard University Press in 2008), which is a critical discussion of John Rawls' theory of justice.

The following contributions from the conference are available here:

Introduction, David Miller & Stuart White.

Paula Casal (Reading), ‘Rawls, Cohen, Mill and the Egalitarian Trilemma’.
Comment: Philippe Van Parijs (Louvain/Harvard).

David Estlund (Brown), ‘Utopophobia’.
Comment: David Miller (Oxford).

Cécile Fabre (Edinburgh), ‘Money, Work, and Body Parts: Cohen on Coercion’.
Comment: Hillel Steiner (Manchester).

Michael Otsuka (UCL), ‘Justice as Fairness: Luck Egalitarian, not Rawlsian’.
Comment: Jonathan Wolff (UCL).

John Roemer (Yale), ‘The Ethics of Distribution in a Warming Planet’.
Comment: Joshua Cohen (Stanford) (read by Stuart White).

Seana Shiffrin (UCLA), ‘Justice, Equality and Incentives’.
Comment: Richard Arneson (UC San Diego).

Andrew Williams (Warwick), ‘Constructivism and Publicity’.
Comment: Wayne Sumner (Toronto).

Closing comments, G.A. Cohen (Oxford) (reading poems and singing).

A collection of critical essays on G.A. Cohen's "Rescuing Justice and Equality" will be published this summer in a book from Wiley/Blackwell: "Justice, Equality and Constructivism" edited by Brian Feltham. It will have articles by Richard J. Arneson, Thomas Christiano, Thomas Pogge, Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen and others.

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