Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The Philosophy of Christine M. Korsgaard

Normativity and Agency

Themes from the Philosophy of Christine M. Korsgaard

Ed. by Tamar Schapiro, Kyla Ebels-Duggan & Sharon Street

(Oxford University Press, 2022)

304 pages


This volume is a collection of twelve original essays written in honor of Christine Korsgaard, on the occasion of her retirement from teaching. These articles address questions about the foundations of morality, the nature of normativity, conceptions of the self and of agency, moral responsibility, obligations to non-human animals, constructivism in ethics, and the relations between Kant’s ethics, religion, and politics. 

Contents [Preview]

Editors' Preface

1. The Horizons of Humanity - David Sussman

2. Finite Valuers and the Problem of Vulnerability to Unmitigated Loss - Sharon Street

3. A Question of One’s Own: Concepts, Conceptions, and Moral Skepticisms - Kyla Ebels-Duggan

4. The Two Normativities - J. David Velleman

5. Self-Consciousness and Self-Division in Moral Psychology - Richard Moran

6. What Makes Weak-Willed Action Weak? - Tamar Schapiro

7. Integrity, Truth, and Value - Sigrún Svavarsdóttir

8. Shadows of the Self: Reflections on the Authority of Advance Directives [Paper] - Japa Pallikkathayil

9. Korsgaard on Responsibility - T. M. Scanlon

10. Animal Value and Right - Stephen Darwall

11. Juridical Personality and the Role of Juridical Obligation - Barbara Herman

12. The Social Conditions for Autonomy: Kant on Politics and Religion - Faviola Rivera-Castro

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