Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Blog entry by Habermas - on Siegfried Landshut (1897-1968)

A blog entry by Jürgen Habermas on the German sociologist Siegfried Landshut (1897-1968): 

"Eine persönliche Bemerkung zur Rezeption der Schriften von Siegfried Landshut",
Politik 100 x 100, Blog des Fachgebiets Politikwissenschaft an der Universität Hamburg, September 17, 2019.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Papers on Ronald Dworkin's Late Work

Papers from the Balzan Conference on "Ronald Dworkin's Late Work", New York University, September 13-14, 2019:

Panel 1: Dworkin’s "Religion without God"

Eric Gregory (Princeton) - "Confessions of a Religious Liberal: Ronald Dworkin’s Religion Without God"

Moshe Halbertal (NYU) - "Ronald Dworkin Religion Without God: Morality and the Transcendent"

Larry Sager (Texas) - "Solving Religious Liberty"

Panel 2: Dworkin on international law

John Tasioulas (King’s College, London) - "Fantasy Upon Fantasy: Some Reflections on Dworkin’s Philosophy of International Law"

Panel 3: The idea of integrity in "Law’s Empire"

Andrei Marmor (Cornell) - "Integrity in Law’s Empire"

Jeremy Waldron (NYU)  - "The Rise and Decline of Integrity"

Panel 4: Law and morality in "Justice for Hedgehogs"

Mark Greenberg (UCLA)  - "What Makes a Moral Duty Legal?"

Ben Zipursky (Fordham) - "Jurisprudence in Justice for Hedgehogs: Metaphysical, not Political"