Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Videos: “John Rawls and After” (Harvard University, 2019)

Videos from a conference on “Inequality, Religion, and Society: John Rawls and After”, held at Harvard University, January 24/25, 2019:

“Opening Remarks”, Danielle Allen (Harvard) and Michael Rosen (Harvard)

Panel: “Rawls and the Project of Modern Political Philosophy”, Leif Wenar (King's College, London), Katrina Forrester (Harvard), Kenzie Bok (Harvard). Chair: Eric Nelson (Harvard)

Keynote Lecture: ”Rawls on Equality - Looking Back at A Theory of Justice", Thomas Scanlon (Harvard). Chair: Michael Rosen (Harvard)

Panel: “Morality, Reciprocity, Political Justice”, Stephen Darwall (Yale), Samuel Scheffler (NYU), Danielle Allen (Harvard). Chair: Erin Kelly (Tufts)

Panel: “Religion and Democratic Society”, Andrew March (Massachusetts), Paul Weithman (Notre Dame), Jeremy Waldron (NYU). Chair: Eric S. Gregory (Princeton)

Panel: “Social Inequality & Economic Justice”, Joseph Fishkin (Texas), Gina Schouten (Harvard), Lucas Stanczyk (Harvard). Chair: Eric Beerbohm (Harvard)

Keynote Lecture: “John Rawls's Theory of the Good", Christine Korsgaard (Harvard). Chair: Arthur Applbaum (Harvard)

Panel: “Humanity and the Future”, Partha Dasgupta (Cambridge), Clark Wolf (Iowa State), Anja Karnein (SUNY Binghamton). Chair: Johann Frick (Princeton)

“Conclusion: Round Table Discussion”, Teresa Bejan (Oxford), Rainer Forst (Frankfurt), Tommie Shelby (Harvard). Chair: Dennis Thompson (Harvard)

Thanks to Markus Rutsche for the pointer!

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