Friday, July 12, 2019

Symposium on Axel Honneth's recent books

The new issue of "Philosophy & Social Criticism" (July 2019) features a symposium on Honneth's two books: "Freedom’s Right" and "The Idea of Socialism". The articles are based on papers presented at a workshop with Axel Honneth in March 2018 at the University of Rome.

Giorgio Fazio & Alessandro Ferrara - "Introduction" [Abstract]

Alessandro Ferrara - "Social freedom and reasonable pluralism: Reflections on Freedom’s Right" [Abstract]

Giorgio Fazio - "From Hegel to Foucault and back? On Axel Honneth’s interpretation of neoliberalism" [Abstract]

Marco Solinas - "Immanent teleologies versus historical regressions: Some political remarks on Honneth’s Hegelianism" [Abstract]

Eleonora Piromalli - "Socialism through convergence, or: Why a socialist society does not need to be a fraternal community" [Abstract]

Roberto Frega - "Reflexive cooperation between fraternity and social involvement" [Abstract]

Stefano Petrucciani - "Rethinking socialism with Axel Honneth" [Abstract]

David M. Rasmussen - "Can socialism move beyond political liberalism without accommodating pluralism?" [Abstract]

Axel Honneth - "Recognition, democracy and social liberty: A reply"

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