Sunday, September 15, 2019

Papers on Ronald Dworkin's Late Work

Papers from the Balzan Conference on "Ronald Dworkin's Late Work", New York University, September 13-14, 2019:

Panel 1: Dworkin’s "Religion without God"

Eric Gregory (Princeton) - "Confessions of a Religious Liberal: Ronald Dworkin’s Religion Without God"

Moshe Halbertal (NYU) - "Ronald Dworkin Religion Without God: Morality and the Transcendent"

Larry Sager (Texas) - "Solving Religious Liberty"

Panel 2: Dworkin on international law

John Tasioulas (King’s College, London) - "Fantasy Upon Fantasy: Some Reflections on Dworkin’s Philosophy of International Law"

Panel 3: The idea of integrity in "Law’s Empire"

Andrei Marmor (Cornell) - "Integrity in Law’s Empire"

Jeremy Waldron (NYU)  - "The Rise and Decline of Integrity"

Panel 4: Law and morality in "Justice for Hedgehogs"

Mark Greenberg (UCLA)  - "What Makes a Moral Duty Legal?"

Ben Zipursky (Fordham) - "Jurisprudence in Justice for Hedgehogs: Metaphysical, not Political"

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