Thursday, May 23, 2013

Essays on Honneth's "Das Recht der Freitheit"

The new issue of "Krisis: Journal for Contemporary Philosophy" (2013 no, 1) features essays on Axel Honneth's lastest book "Das Recht der Freitheit" (Suhrkamp Verlag, 2011) and a reply by Honneth:

René Gabriels
In Search of a Critical Theory of World Society [pdf]

Thomas Nys
Which Justice, Whose Pathology? [pdf]

Beate Rössler
Kantian Autonomy and its Social Preconditions [pdf]

Joel Anderson
The Fragile Accomplishment of Social Freedom [pdf]

Bert van den Brink
From Personal Relations to the Rest of Society [pdf]

Rutger Claassen
Justice: Constructive or Reconstructive? [pdf]

Yolande Jansen
The ‘Us' of Democratic Will-Formation and Globalization [pdf]

Axel Honneth
Replies [pdf]

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