Monday, October 14, 2019

Seminar with Habermas in Cortona, Italy

Jürgen Habermas will attend a seminar on "A Genealogy of Post-Metaphysical Thinking" in Cortona, Italy, on October 18-19, 2019. The seminar is organized by "La Società Italiana di Teoria Critica". Participation by invitation only.  

The programme:

Section I: The roots of postmetaphysical thinking
Chair: Elena Pulcini (Florence)

* Jürgen Habermas: Opening remarks
* Marina Calloni: Post-metaphysical thought and post-secularism
* Virginio Marzocchi: Was ist Religion?
* Alessandro Ferrara: What the battle over the reasonable reveals
* Habermas’ reply, interventions, general discussion

Section II: In dialogue with Jürgen Habermas
Chair: Alessandro Ferrara (Rome)

* Lucio Cortella: Das normative Erbe der Religion
* Walter Privitera: Die Idee des sakralen Komplexes und ihre Folgen
* Habermas’ reply, interventions, general discussion

Section III: Habermas global
Chair: Marina Calloni (Milano)

* Stefan Müller-Doohm: Kommunikatives Handeln als gesellschaftliche Einheit
* William Outhwaite: Habermas in a Cold Climate
* Luca Corchia: Habermas’ reception in Italy
* Habermas’ reply, interventions, general discussion

"Habermas global. Wirkungsgeschichte eines Werks" (ed. by Stefan Müller-Doohm, William Outhwaite & Luca Corchia) will come out on Suhrkamp Verlag on October 28. See a preview here (PDF).

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