Thursday, August 11, 2022

Rawls and the Social Bases of Political Theory

The new issue of "Analyse & Kritik" (vol. 44. no. 1, 2022) features articles on the social bases of political theory:

* Katrina ForresterLiberalism and Social Theory after John Rawls [PDF]

* Joel Isaac - Durkheimian Thoughts on "In the Shadow of Justice" [Abstract]

* Steven Lukes - Capitalism, Justice, and the Boundaries of Liberalism [Abstract]

* William Clare Roberts - Whose Realism? Which Legitimacy? Ideologies of Domination and Post-Rawlsian Political Theory [Abstract]

* Brad Baranowski - How to Do Things with Justice: Professor Rawls, 1962–1971 [Abstract]

* Bruce Kuklick - John Rawls and R. M. Hare: A Study of Canonization [Abstract]

Thanks to David A. Reidy for the pointer!

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