Monday, June 19, 2023

The Critical Theory of Society

The new issue of "European Journal of Social Theory" (May 2023) features articles on "The Critical Theory of Society":

* Patrick O’Mahony - "Introduction to special issue: The critical theory of society" (PDF)

* Klaus Eder - "Pandora’s box: The two sides of the public sphere" (PDF)

* Piet Strydom - "The critical theory of society: From its Young-Hegelian core to its key concept of possibility" (Abstract)

* Johann P. Arnason - "Lessons from Castoriadis: Downsizing critical theory and defusing the concept of society" (Abstract)

* Hartmut Rosa & Peter Schulz - "Synthesis, Dynamis, Praxis: Critical Theory’s ongoing search for a concept of society" (Abstract)

* Regina Kreide - "Social critique and transformation: Revising Habermas’s colonisation thesis" (PDF)

* Tracey Skillington - "Thinking beyond the ecological present: Critical theory on the self-problematization of society and its transformation" (PDF)

* Patrick O’Mahony - "Critical theory, Peirce and the theory of society" (PDF)

* Daniel Chernilo - "On the relationships between critical theory and secularisation: The challenges of democratic fallibility and planetary survival" (Abstract)

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