Thursday, May 14, 2009

Philosophy & Social Criticism: Issue on "Religion and the Public Sphere"

The January/February issue of "Philosophy & Social Criticism" (vol. 35, No. 1-2) are edited by Jonathan Harmon and James W. Boettcher, and have the following contributions:

James W. Boettcher and Jonathan Harmon

Introduction: Religion and the public sphere

Robert Audi

Religion and the politics of science: Can evolutionary biology be religiously neutral?

Gerald F. Gaus and Kevin Vallier

The roles of religious conviction in a publicly justified polity

Alessandro Ferrara

The separation of religion and politics in a post-secular society

Hauke Brunkhorst

The transformation of solidarity and the enduring impact of monotheism: Five remarks

Michael J. Perry

Religion as a basis of law-making?: Herein of the non-establishment of religion

Cristina Lafont

Religion and the public sphere: What are the deliberative obligations of democratic citizenship?

Christopher J. Eberle

Basic human worth and religious restraint

Lucas Swaine

Deliberate and free: Heteronomy in the public sphere

James W. Boettcher

Habermas, religion and the ethics of citizenship

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