Sunday, March 28, 2010

Critical essays on Robert Brandom

New book:

Reading Brandom: On Making It Explicit

Ed. by Bernhard Weiss & Jeremy Wanderer

(Routledge, April 2010)

384 pp.


Robert Brandom’s "Making It Explicit" (Harvard University Press, 1994) is one of the most significant, talked about and daunting books published in philosophy in recent years. Featuring specially-commissioned chapters by leading international philosophers with replies by Brandom himself, "Reading Brandom" clarifies, critically appraises and furthers understanding of Brandom’s important book.



Part 1: Normative Pragmatics

1. Thought, Norms, and Discursive Practice
[pdf] - Allan Gibbard
2. Language not Mysterious?
[Word] - Charles Taylor
3. The Evolution of Why [pdf] - Daniel Dennett
4. Normativity of Mind versus Philosophy as Explanation [Word] - Sebastian Rödl
5. Pragmatism and Inferentialism [pdf] - John MacFarlane
6. Brandom’s Challenges - Jeremy Wanderer
7. Perception, Language, and the First Person [Word] - Mark Lance & Rebecca Kukla
8. Brandom on Observation [Word] - John McDowell
9. Being Subject to the Rule to Do What the Rules Tell You to Do [Word] - Roland Stout

Part 2: The Challenge of Inferentialism

10. Inferentialism and its Critics - Robert Brandom
11. Brandom Beleaguered [pdf]- Jerry Fodor & Ernest LePore

Part 3: Inferentialist Semantics

12. Inference, Meaning, and Truth in Brandom, Sellars, and Frege [Word] - Danielle Macbeth
13. Should Semantics be Deflated? [Word] - Michael Dummett
14. Representation or Inference: Must We Choose? Should We? - Michael Kremer
15. What is Logic? - Bernhard Weiss
16. Truth and Expressive Completeness [pdf] - Kevin Scharp
17. Assertibilist Truth and Objective Content: Still Inexplicit - Crispin Wright & Bob Hale

Part 4: Responses

Replies - Robert Brandom

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