Monday, August 30, 2010

35th Congress of the German Society for Sociology

The 35th Congress of the German Society for Sociology takes place in Frankfurt am Main, October 11 - 15, 2010, under the title "Transnationale Vergesellschaftungen / Transnationalism and Society".

See the programme here.

Among the speakers are:

Peter L. Berger (Boston)
Religion as a Transnational Force
Abstract (pdf)

Axel Honneth (Frankfurt)
Paradoxien der kapitalistischen Modernisierung
Abstract (pdf)

Renate Mayntz (Köln)
Die transnationale Ordnung globalisierter Finanzmärkte: Was lehrt uns die Krise?
Abstract (pdf)

Claus Offe (Berlin)
1968 – Akademische Soziologie und studentischer Protest
Abstract (pdf)

Rainer Forst (Frankfurt)
Justification, Critique and Power

Klaus Günther (Frankfurt)
Law as an Order of Justification and the Fact of Legal Pluralism

Author Meets Critics: Luc Boltanski
Luc Boltanski (Paris), Tanja Bogusz (Berlin), Reiner Keller (Landau)
Abstract (pdf)

Forum: Kulturelle Globalisierung - neue Formen transnationaler religiöser Vergesellschaftung
Peter L. Berger (Boston), Hansfried Kellner (Frankfurt), Thomas Luckmann (Konstanz)

See the topical paper for the congress here (German) and here (English)

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