Monday, October 11, 2010

Symposium: Martha Nussbaum on same-sex marriage

In California Law Review (vol. 98 no. 3, 2010), a symposium on Martha Nussbaum's view on same-sex marriage and the constitution:

A Right to Marry? (pdf)
- Martha Nussbaum

Let‘s Call the Whole Thing Off: Can States Abolish the Institution of Marriage? (pdf)
- Pamela S. Karlan

Response to Martha Nussbaum’s "A Right to Marry?" (pdf)
- David Novak

Response to Martha Nussbaum (pdf)
- Michael Warner

Reply (pdf)
- Martha Nussbaum

See my previous posts on Martha Nussbaum's book "From Disgust to Humanity. Sexual Orientation and Constitutional Law" (Oxford University Press, 2010):
- Interview with Nussbaum in "The Nation" (February, 2010)
- Entry on Nussbaum's book (February, 2010)
- Video of Nussbaum's lecture on same-sex marriage (October 2009).

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