Sunday, December 05, 2010

Conference: Between Rawls and Religion

Conference December 16-18, 2010
at LUISS ‘Guido Carli’ University and John Cabot University, Rome

Between Rawls and Religion: Liberalism in a Post-Secular World

Under the auspices of the International Research Network on Religion and Democracy (IRNRD).

The programme includes:

Maeve Cooke (Dublin)
Violating Neutrality? Religious Validity Claims and Democratic Legitimacy

Christopher Eberle (US Naval Academy)
Religion, Respect and War

Peter Jonkers (Tilburg)
Religion and Rawls: A Catholic Perspective on Rawls’ Ideas of Public Reason and Truth

Patrick Loobuyck (Antwerp)
Religious Arguments in the Public Sphere: Comparing Habermas with Rawls

Andrew Lister (Quenn's, Canada)
Public Reason and Religious Freedom

Andrew March (Yale)
Reasonable Pluralism without the Burdens of Judgment? Explaining Disbelief in Islamic Ethics

David Rasmussen (Boston College)
Accommodating Pluralism: Maffettone on the Later Rawls

Mark Rosen (Chicago-Kent College)
Why (and to What Extent) Political Liberalism Should Accommodate Perfectionist Religious Groups

Robert Talisse (Vanderbilt)
Justificatory Liberalism and Eberle’s Agapic Pacifist

Johannes Van Der Ven (Nijmegen)
In Due Time: Rawls on Religion in the Public Arena

Paul Weithman (Notre Dame)
Religion, Citizenship and Obligation

Theo de Wit (Tilburg)
The Two Faces of Liberalism: Gray vs Rawls on Religious Toleration

See the complete programme here [pdf]

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