Friday, May 06, 2011

Robert Brandom in Munich

Professor Robert Brandom is going to speak at a conference in Munich on June 3-4:

"Aspects of Reason: Justification and Explanation"


Robert Brandom
Onora O'Neill
Stephen Houlgate
Jonathan Dancy
Rüdiger Bittner
Michael Della Rocca
Mike Stange

The conference aims to explore the role of justification and explanation as central aspects of rationality. These topics will be discussed in terms of selected issues in theoretical and practical philosophy. The first part of the conference (Friday, June 3) focusses on questions concerning ultimate justification in theoretical philosophy (talks by Della Rocca, Houlgate, Stange a.o.). The second part (Saturday, June 4) is dealing with the role of explanation and justification with regard to agency and practical norms (talks by Brandom, Bittner, Dancy a.o.).

In the same week, Robert Brandom is going to lecture at the LMU Munich on
"Knowing and Representing: A Reading of Hegel’s Introduction to the Phenomenology".


May 30: "Conceptual Realism and the Semantic Possibility of Knowledge".
May 31 "Representation and the Experience of Error".
June 1: "Determining Meaning and Truth: The Emergence of the New, True Object".

In this series of Hegel lectures, Brandom is going to present new texts on the "Introduction" of Hegel's Phenomenology for the first time.

See Brandom's handouts and lecture notes from his seminar on Hegel's Phenomenology.

Robert Brandom is a Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh. He is the author of "Making It Explicit" (Harvard University Press, 1994), "Articulating Reasons" (Harvard University Press, 2000) and "Reason in Philosophy" (Harvard University Press, 2009). Later this year he will publish a new book on Harvard University Press, entitled "Perspectives on Pragmatism: Classical, Recent, and Contemporary".

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