Friday, May 20, 2011

Conference on "Overcoming the Trap of Resentment"

On May 19-24, "Reset - Dialogues on Civilizations" has arranged a conference in Istanbul on

Overcoming the Trap of Resentment

Among the speakers are:

Charles Taylor (Northwestern)
Interculturalism or Multiculturalism

Anthony Appiah (Princeton)
Misunderstanding Cultures: Islam and "the West"

David Rasmussen (Boston)
Post-secularism, Religion and the Crisis of Modernity

Fred Dallmayr (Notre Dame)
Radical Changes in the Muslim World: Turkey, Iran, Egypt

Alessandro Ferrara (Rome)
When Conjecture Fails: Hyperpluralism and the Multivariate Polity

Claus Offe (Berlin)
Political Liberalism, Group Rights, and the Politics of Fear and Trust

See the program here.

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