Monday, May 23, 2011

Christopher Zurn on Habermas's Theory of Law

Christopher F. Zurn has posted a new paper on SSRN:

"Habermas's Discourse Theory of Law"

This chapter provides an introductory overview of Jürgen Habermas’s discourse theory of law. A survey of his main theses concerning law is organized according to three broad perspectives: 1) history and sociology of law, 2) philosophy of law, and 3) theory of legal adjudication.

The paper is published in Barbara Fultner (ed.) - Jürgen Habermas: Key Concepts (Acumen Press, 2011). See my post on the book here.

Christopher F. Zurn is Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Massachusetts, Boston. He is the author of "Deliberative Democracy and the Institutions of Judicial Review" (Cambridge University Press, 2007) and co-editor of "Anerkennung" (Akademie Verlag, 2009).

Also see Christopher Zurn's new paper on "Judicial Review, Constitutional Juries and Civic Constitutional Fora: Rights, Democracy and Law".

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