Friday, October 21, 2011

Papers on Epistemic Democracy in Practice

Papers presented at the international workshop on "Epistemic Democracy in Practice", Yale University, October 20-22, 2011:

André Bächtiger (Lucerne):
Contestatory Deliberation.

Jon Elster (Columbia):
Deliberations, Cycles and Misrepresentation.

Erik Oddvar Eriksen (Oslo):
The Role of Deliberation in Collective Decision-Making.

James Fishkin (Stanford):
Deliberative Democracy in Context.

Andreas Föllesdal (Oslo):
Tracking Justice Democratically.

Cathrine Holst (Oslo):
Epistocracy: Conceptual Clarifications.

Mark Klein (MIT):
Enabling Large-Scale Deliberation Using Attention-Mediation Metrics.

Hélène Landemore (Yale) & Scott E. Page (Michigan):
Deliberation and Disagreement: Problem-Solving, Prediction, and Positive Dissensus.

Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen (Aarhus):
Estlund on Epistocracy: A Critique.

Beth Noveck (New York):
Peer to Policy.

Josiah Ober (Stanford):
An Aristotelian Middle Way Between Deliberation and Independent-guess Aggregation.

Jon Olafson (Bifröst):
Experiment in Iceland: Crowdsourcing the Constitution.

Bjørn Erik Rasch (Oslo):
Legislative Debates and Democratic Deliberation in Parliamentary Systems.

Bo Rothstein (Gothenburg):
Quality of Government and Epistemic Democracy.

Melissa Schwartzberg (Columbia):
Epistemic Equality, Majority Rule, and Supermajorities.

Jürg Steiner (Bern):
Truthfulness In the Deliberative Model of Democrcy.

Susan Stokes (Yale):
A Rational Theory of Epistemic Democracy.

Daniel Viehoff (Sheffield):
The Normative Functions of Epistemic Democracy.

See the complete program here.

(Thanks to ABC Democracy for the pointer.)

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