Thursday, March 29, 2012

Papers from WPSA 2012 Annual Meeting

Eight papers from the West Political Science Association (WPSA) 2012 Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon, March 22 - 24, 2012:

Alexander Kaufman (Georgia) -
Rawls and Kantian Constructivism

Paul Weithman (Notre Dame) -
Is Justice as Fairness a Religious View?

Andrius Galisanka (UCLA Berkeley) -
Linguistic Philosophy and John Rawls's Reflective Equilibrium

Darren Walhof (Grand Valley) -
Public Justice, Not Public Reason: Religion and the Ethics of Democratic Citizenship

William Curtis (Portland) -
Rorty, Relgion, and Pragmatic Liberalism

Mark Redhead (Fullerton) -
What's So Post about the Post-Secular?

Jason Maloy (Oklahoma) -
The Fallacy of Electoral Accountability

Aubin Calvert & Mark Warren (British Columbia) -
Can Deliberative Mini-Publics Overcome the Anti-Deliberative Effects of Framing?

More papers here.

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