Monday, September 16, 2013

Symposium on Axel Honneth at Stony Brook

A symposium on Axel Honneth's political philosophy will be held September 20-21 at Stony Brook University:

"Freedom's Right" [pdf]

The program:

"The Normativity of Ethical Life” [poster]
- Axel Honneth

"Self-Defensive Subjectivity: The Diagnosis of a Social Pathology"
- Chad Kautzer

"The Insufficiency of Recognition"
- Michael Thompson

“The Ineliminability of Progress?”
- Amy Allen

“Juridification and Politics”
- Daniel Loick

“Reconstructivism: On Honneth's Heglianism”
- Robert Pippin

- Axel Honneth

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