Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Tributes to Dworkin in NYU Law Review

The current issue of New York University Law Review (vol. 89 no. 1, 2014) features tributes to the late Ronald Dworkin. 

See all the tributes to Dworkin here [pdf].

* Jeremy Waldron - "The Enrichment of Jurisprudence"

* Lewis A. Kornhauser - "Ronald M. Dworkin"

* Stephen Breyer - "Professor Dworkin...and the Judges"

* T. M. Scanlon - "Three Thoughts About Ronnie"

* Rebecca L. Brown - "Making Democracy Safe for Justice"

* Liam Murphy - "A Joy to Hear Him Speak"

* Robert B. Silvers - "On Ronald Dworkin"

* Thomas Nagel - "In Memoriam: Ronald M. Dworkin".

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