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Philosophical Foundations of Human Rights

Philosophical Foundations of Human Rights

Ed. by Rowan Cruft, S. Matthew Liao, and Massimo Renzo

(Oxford University Press, 2015)

720 pages

Contents [preview]

Introduction - Rowan Cruft, S. Matthew Liao & Massimo Renzo 

Part I. Human Rights' Foundations

1. On the Foundations of Human Rights - John Tasioulas 
2. Response to John Tasioulas - Onora O'Neill
3. Human Rights as Fundamental Conditions for a Good Life - S. Matthew Liao 
4. From a Good Life to Human Rights - Rowan Cruft
5. Is Dignity the Foundation of Human Rights? - Jeremy Waldron
6. Human Rights, Natural Rights, and Human Dignity - A. John Simmons
7. Personal Deserts and Human Rights - James W. Nickel
8. Can Moral Desert Qualify or Justify Human Rights? - Zofia Stemplowska 
9. A Social Ontology of Human Rights - Carol Gould 
10. Human Rights, Human Dignity, and Power - Pablo Gilabert 

Part II. Human Rights in Law and Politics

11. Human Rights in the Emerging World Order - Joseph Raz 
12. Joseph Raz on Human Rights: A Critical Appraisal - David Miller 
13. Why International Legal Human Rights? -  Allen Buchanan
14. Human Rights Pragmatism and Human Dignity - David Luban
15. Human Rights and Constitutional Law - Samantha Besson 
16. Specifying Human Rights - Saladin Meckled-Garcia 
17. Rescuing Proportionality - George Letsas 
18. Rescuing Human Rights from Proportionality - Guglielmo Verdirame 

Part III. Canonical and Contested Human Rights

19. Free Speech as an Inverted Right and Democratic Persuasion - Corey Brettschneider 
20. Free Speech and "Democratic Persuasion" - Larry Alexander 
21. Religious Freedom in a Secular World - Lorenzo Zucca 
22. Religious Liberty Conceived as a Human Right - Robert Audi
23. The Right to Security - Liora Lazarus
24. Rights and Security for Human Rights Sceptics - Victor Tadros 
25. Self Determination and the Human Right to Democracy - Thomas Christiano 
26. A Human Right to Democracy? - Fabienne Peter
27. The Content of the Human Right to Health - Jonathan Wolff
28. Do We have a Human Right to the Political Determinants of Health? - Kimberley Brownlee
29. A Moral Inconsistency Argument for a Basic Human Right to Subsistence - Elizabeth Ashford
30. The Force of Subsistence Rights - Charles R. Beitz

Part IV. Human Rights: Concerns and Alternatives

31. The Relativity and Ethnocentricity of Human Rights - James Griffin
32. Human Needs, Human Rights - Massimo Renzo
33. Liberty Rights and the Limits of Liberal Democracy - Jiwei Ci
34. Human Rights without the Human Good? - Simon Hope
35. Care and Human Rights - Virginia Held
36. Care and Human Rights: A Reply to Virginia Held - Susan Mendus
37. Human Rights in Kantian Mode: A Sketch - Katrin Flikschuh 
38. Why there Cannot Be A Truly Kantian Theory of Human Rights - Andrea Sangiovanni

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