Thursday, May 12, 2016

New Book: Philosophy and Political Engagement

Philosophy and Political Engagement
Reflection in the Public Sphere

Ed. by Allyn Fives & Keith Breen

(Palgrave, 2016)

275 pages


Do philosophers have a responsibility to their society that is distinct from their responsibility to it as citizens? This edited volume explores both what type of contribution philosophy can make and what type of reasoning is appropriate when addressing public matters now. These questions are posed by leading international scholars working in the fields of moral and political philosophy. Each contribution also investigates the central issue of how to combine critical, rational analysis with a commitment to politically relevant public engagement. The contributions to this volume analyse issues raised in practical ethics, including abortion, embryology, and assisted suicide. They consider the role of ethical commitment in the philosophical analysis of contemporary political issues, and engage with matters of public policy such as poverty, the arts, meaningful work, as well as the evidence base for policy. They also examine the normative legitimacy of power, including the use of violence.

This volume of essays is dedicated to Joseph Mahon.

Contents [pdf] [preview]

1. Introduction - Allyn Fives & Keith Breen

Part One. Practical Ethics

2. The Role of Philosophy in Public Matters - Allyn Fives
3. On Philosophy’s Contribution to Public Matters [Abstract] - Joseph Mahon
4. Abortion and the Right to Not Be Pregnant [Abstract] - James Edwin Mahon
5. Acts, Omissions, and Assisted Death [Abstract] - Richard Hull & Annie McKeown O'Donovan 

Part Two. Ethical Commitment and Political Engagement

6. Writing as Social Disclosure: A Hundred Years Ago and Now [Abstract] - Alasdair MacIntyre
7. Ethics, Markets, and Cultural Goods [Abstract] - Russell Keat
8. In Defence of Meaningful Work as a Public Policy Concern [Abstract] - Keith Breen
9. Working from Both Ends: The Dual Role of Philosophy in Research Ethics - Allyn Fives

Part Three. The Justification of Power and Resistance

10. Three Mistakes About Democracy - Philip Pettit
11. Karl Marx After a Century and a Half [Abstract] - Allen W. Wood
12. Neither Victims nor Executioners: Camus as Public Intellectual [Abstract] - John Foley
13. Violence and Responsibility [Abstract] - Felix Murchadha

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