Saturday, June 06, 2020

New papers on "Habermas - Justice and Public Sphere"

The Polish journal "Folia Philosophica, Ethica - Aesthetica - Practica" (no. 34, 2019) features four papers from an international conference on Jürgen Habermas in Lodz, Poland, in June 2019:

Habermas - Justice and Public Sphere [PDF]


* Anna  Michalska - "Does Philosophy Require De-Transcendentalization? Habermas,  Apel,  and  the  Role  of  Transcendentals  in  Philosophical Discourse and Social-Scientific Explanation" 

* Krzysztof  Kędziora - "Habermas  and  Rawls  on  an  Epistemic  Status  of the Principles of Justice"

* Maciej  Hułas - "The Normativity of Habermas’s Public Sphere from the Vantage Point of Its Evolution"

* Wang  Xingfu - "Critical Theory in Regressive Times: Liberalism, Global Populism and the “White Left” in the Twenty-First Century"

A fifth paper from the conference:

Gunnar Skirbekk - "Freedom of Expression. A Normative Justification of the Legal Protection of Freedom of Expression" [PDF]

See my blog post on the conference here.

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