Friday, November 12, 2021

Updated Habermas bibliographies

 I have updated my Habermas bibliographies at

* Bibliography of works by Jürgen Habermas 1951-2021

Habermas bibliography II: Articles, lectures, interviews, and books 1992-2021

* Articles and Books on Jürgen Habermas 1961-1981

* Articles and Books on Jürgen Habermas 1982-1991

* Articles and Books on Jürgen Habermas 1992-2000

* Articles and Books on Jürgen Habermas 2001-2009

* Articles and Books on Jürgen Habermas 2010-2021

I have published these lists of primary and secondary literature in various forms since 2001.

Note: If you wonder why my bibliographies have some similarity to the lists published by Luca Corchia, the reason is simple: A substantial part of his lists consists of texts which are copy-pasted from my work. This kind of plagiarism was already evident in the bibliography he published in “Il Trimestrale. The Lab's Quarterly” 1/2008 (University of Pisa): 21 pages – pp. 234-254 – are mostly a copy of my Habermas bibliography at with added references to Italian translations. You can compare these pages by Corchia with my text (I have marked all the entries which are reproduced in Corchia’s bibliography) - and these pages with this. Even the web addresses of my links to the various online publications are copiedThe plagiarism has continued over the years, including his latest paper uploaded at “Studies on Jürgen Habermas 1961-2020”. In this paper most of the information about reprints and English/German translations is copied from my bibliographies, see this sample

Please note that in the publication from 2008 - and various papers - his references (Gregersen etc.) are not accurate: He only mentions names and years, but fails to include any further details. For instance there are no references to the actual publications or web addresses. 

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