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Seyla Benhabib and the Future of Critical Theory

Another Universalism

Seyla Benhabib and the Future of Critical Theory

Ed. by Stefan Eich, Anna Jurkevics, Nishin Nathwani & Nica Siegel

(Columbia University Press, 2024)

446 pages

From the introduction:

"For Benhabib, any universalism today must emerge from the concrete struggles of individuals navigating the fractured lifeworlds of our global society. Embracing that idea, the essays in this volume cover a broad terrain of debates that are the forefront of critical theory today: the relationship between democracy and cosmopolitanism, the role of law in emancipatory struggles, the task of deprovincializing the European approach to critical theory, man's domination of nature, and the ever-elusive relationship between Hannah Arendt and the Frankfurt School. It is a testament to the range of Benhabib's oevre that all of these themes should emerge from engagements with her work." (Anna Jurkevics)



Introduction: In Search of Another Universalism - Anna Jurkevics

Part I: Critique, Norm, and Utopia

1. Benhabib and Habermas on Discourse and Development - Thomas McCarthy

2. Normativity and Reality: Toward a Critical and Realistic Theory of Politics - Rainer Forst

3. Loss of World, Not Certainty - Carmen Lea Dege

4. Nature as a Concrete Other - Umur Basdas

5. “To Burst Open the Possibilities of the Present” [paper] - Bernard E. Harcourt

Part II: Thinking With and Against Arendt

6. “Thinking With and Against” as Feminist Political Theory - Patchen Markell

7. Arendt and Truth - Gaye İlhan Demiryol

8. Understanding Eichmann and Anwar - Sonali Chakravarti

Part III: Democratic Iterations and Cosmopolitanism

9. Democracy Without Shortcuts - Cristina Lafont

10. Another Republicanism: Dissent, Institutions, and Renewal - Christian Volk

11. Three Models of Communicative Cosmopolitanism - Peter J. Verovšek

12. At the Borders of the Self - Paul Linden-Retek

Part IV: Jurisgenerativity

13. Back to the Future? Critical Theory and the Law - William E. Scheuerman

14. The Unfinished Revolution - Eduardo Mendieta

15. Genocide and Jurisgenesis - Max Pensky

16. Jurisgenerativity in the Age of Big Data - Matthew Longo

Part V: Deprovincializing Critical Theory

17. Pachamama’s Rights, Climate Crisis, and the Decolonial Cosmos - Angélica María Bernal

18. What Is the Other in Seyla Benhabib’s Another Cosmopolitanism? - Drucilla Cornell

19. Border Deaths as Forced Disappearances [paper] - Ayten Gündoğdu

20. Gender Trouble - Shatema Threadcraft & Brandon M. Terry

Part VI: Philosophy and Friendship

21. Fragments of an Intellectual Autobiography - Seyla Benhabib

22. Swimming - Carolin Emcke

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