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Essays on the philosophy of Iris Marion Young

Dancing with Iris:
The Philosophy of Iris Marion Young

by Ann Ferguson & Mechtild Nagel

(Oxford University Press, 2009)

280 pages


Iris Marion Young (1949-2006) was a world-renowned feminist moral and political philosopher whose many books and articles spanned more than three decades. She explored issues of social justice and oppression theory, the phenomenology of women's bodies, deliberative democracy and questions of terrorism, violence, international law and the role of the national security state. Her works have been of great interest to those both in the analytic and Continental philosophical tradition, and her roots range from critical theory (Habermas and Marcuse), and phenomenology (Beauvoir and Merleau Ponty) to poststructural psychoanalytic feminism (Kristeva and Ingaray). This anthology of writings aims to carry on the fruitful lines of thought she created and contains works by both well-known and younger authors who explore and engage critically with aspects of her work.


Homage to Iris Marion Young
1. Introduction - Ann Ferguson & Mechthild Nagel
2. When I think about myself as politically engaged, I think of myself as a citizen: Interview with Irish Young - Vlasta Jalusic & Mojca Pajnik
3. Letter to Iris Young - Karsten J. Struhl

Embodiment, Phenomenology and Gender
4. Iris Young and the Gendering of Phenomenology - Sandra Bartky
5. Resonance and Dissonance: The Role of Personal Experience in Iris Marion Young's Feminist Phenomenology - Michaele Ferguson
6. Throwing Like a Girl, Dancing Like a Feminist Philosopher - Susan Leigh Foster
7. Iris Marion Young: Between Phenomenology and Structural Injustice - Bonnie Mann

Theorizing the State: Method, Violence and Resistance
8. L'Imagination au pouvoir: Comparing John Rawls's Method of Ideal Theory with Iris Marion Youngs Method of Critical Theory - Alison M. Jaggar
9. Thinking Between Democracy and Violence - Bat-Ami Bar On
10. Engendering [In]Security and Terror: On the Protection Racket of Security States - Margaret Denike

Justice: Ethics and Responsibility
11. Iris Young's Last Thoughts on Responsibility for Global Justice - Martha Nussbaum
12. Injustice, Evil, and Oppression - Claudia Card
13. The Faces of Animal Oppression - Lori Gruen
14. Making Character Disposition Matter in Young's Deliberative Democracy - Desirée Melton

Justice: Democracy and Inclusion
15. Iris Young, Global Responsibility and Solidarity - Ann Ferguson
16. Varieties of Global Responsibility: Social Connection, Human Rights, and Transnational Solidarity - Carol C. Gould
17. On Immigration Politics in the Context of European Societies and the Structural Inequality Model - Máriam Martinez
18. Womens Work Trips and Multifaceted Oppression - Ibipo Johnston-Anumonwo

Ann Ferguson is Emerita Professor of Women's Studies and Philosophy at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Mechthild Nagel is Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies at the State University of New York, College at Cortland.

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Hello, thanks for posting a note about our book on Iris M Young. That's a wonderful blog you have created!
You might be interested in my critical review of Habermas:
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