Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Conference in London: "Europe and North America in a Disordered World"

Conference at University College London, November 21-22, 2009:

What Now? Europe and North America in a Disordered World

Arranged by UCL, The New York Review of Books, and The Guardian.


Transatlantic Perspectives
Chair: Robert Silvers
A Westward View from London: Christopher Patten
An Eastward View from Washington: Bill Bradley
And from New York: Brian Urquhart

Post- Industrial Dystopias and How to Avoid Them
Chair: Edward Mortimer
Emma Rothschild, Richard Sennett, Simon Head

Crises Of Capitalism
Chair: Theo Sommer
Keynes Revisited - Robert Skidelsky
Causes, Consequences and Remedies - Paul Krugman and Robin Wells
The Crises and the Future of Capitalism - Amartya Sen

Global Security: Partnership Of Equals?
Chair: Alan Rusbridger
Towards a Solution in Palestine - Robert Malley
And in Iraq and Afghanistan – Rory Stewart
Europe and North America: Partnership of Equals? - Margaret MacMillan

Is the Left Finished?
Jonathan Freedland, Godfrey Hodgson, Marc Stears

Rangoon, Rwanda And Beyond; Upholding Democracy And Human Rights
Chair: Robert Silvers
Is There a Right to Intervene? - Ronald Dworkin and Anthony Dworkin
Human Rights: Conflicting Visions - Robert Badinter
Beyond the West - Timothy Garton Ash

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