Sunday, November 14, 2010

Essays on "Pragmatism & Democracy"

The current issue of the Italian journal "Etica & Politica" (vol. 12, no. 1, 2010) contains a series of articles under the subtitle "Pragmatism and Democracy". All the articles are available online:

Roberto Frega & Fabrizio Trifirò
Guest Editors’ Preface [pdf]

Robert Talisse
Saving Pragmatist Democratic Theory (from Itself) [pdf]

Roberto Frega
What Pragmatism Means by Public Reason [pdf]

Gideon Calder
Pragmatism, Critical Theory and Democratic Inclusion [pdf]

Fabrizio Trifirò
The Importance of Pragmatism for Liberal Democracy: an Anti-foundationalist and Deliberative Approach to Multiculturalism [pdf]

Also see my posts on Robert Talisse's book on "Democracy and Moral Conflict" (Cambridge University Press, 2009) here and here.

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