Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Journal of Ethics" on G. A. Cohen

The latest issue of "Journal of Ethics" (volume 14, no. 3-4, December 2010) is devoted to the work of G. A. Cohen (1941–2009):

Editor-in-Chief’s Introduction (pdf)
J. Angelo Corlett

G. A. Cohen’s Vision of Socialism
Nicholas Vrousalis

Justice as Fairness: Luck Egalitarian, Not Rawlsian
Michael Otsuka

Relationships of Equality: A Camping Trip Revisited
Richard W. Miller

Jerry Cohen’s Why Not Socialism? Some Thoughts
John E. Roemer

Cohen’s Rescue
Jan Narveson

Fairness, Respect and the Egalitarian Ethos Revisited
Jonathan Wolff

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