Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reviews of Dworkin's "Justice for Hedgehogs"

Six reviews of Ronald Dworkin's new book "Justice for Hedgehogs" (Belknap Press, 2011):

* Simon Blackburn in "Times Higher Education" (January 2011)

* Ed Voves in "California Literary Review" (February 2011)

* Jonathan Sumption in "The Specator" (March 2011)

* Gordon Gearty in "New Humanist" (March/April 2011) Update

* Stuart Jeffries in "The Guardian" (April 1, 2011) Update

* Gerald Doppelt in "Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews" (August 4, 2011) Update

* Phillip Pettit in "The Times Literary Supplement" (August 18, 2011)

See also my post on Dworkin's book here.

And my post on critical papers on Dworkin's book here.

Ronald Dworkin runs a webblog, where he comments on critique of his book.

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