Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eight Lectures on the Work of Charles Taylor (audios)

Eight audio files from an international conference on the work of Charles Taylor, held on March 29-31, 2012, in Montréal:

Richard J. Bernstein -
"Taylor’s Engaged Pluralism" (mp3)

Ronald Beiner -
"Taylor, Rawls, and Secularism" (mp3)

Nancy Hirschmann -
"What’s Right With Positive Liberty" (mp3)

Craig Calhoun -
"Social Imaginaries, Human Action, and History" (mp3)

K. Anthony Appiah -
"Self-Creation or Self-Discovery?" (mp3)

Joseph Heath -
"The Status of Abstract Moral Concepts" (mp3)

James Tully -
"Charles Taylor on Deep Diversity" (mp3)

Cécile Laborde -
"Protecting Freedom of Conscience in the Secular Age" (mp3)

See the complete programme here [pdf].

All audio files of the presentations - including Charles Taylor's replies - are available here.

(Thanks to ABC Democracy for the pointer!)

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