Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Habermas and the philosophy of education

The latest issue of "Studies in Philosophy and Education" (March 2012) is a special issue on Jürgen Habermas - "The unfinished project of education: Habermas in conversation with others".

Introduction: From Fromm to Lacan: Habermas and Education in Conversation
by Mark Murphy & John Bamber

Schools as Ethical or Schools as Political? Habermas Between Dewey and Rawls
by James Scott Johnston

Fromm and Habermas: Allies for Adult Education and Democracy
by Ted Fleming

Discourse and Recognition as Normative Grounds for Radical Pedagogy: Habermasian and Honnethian Ethics in the Context of Education
by Rauno Huttunen & Mark Murphy

Crossing the Divide Within Continental Philosophy: Reconstruction, Deconstruction, Dialogue and Education
by Marianna Papastephanou

Habermas, Pupil Voice, Rationalism, and Their Meeting with Lacan’s Objet Petit A
by Paul Moran & Mark Murphy

Speaking Habermas to Gramsci: Implications for the Vocational Preparation of Community Educators
by John Bamber & Jim Crowther

See summaries and previews here.

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