Tuesday, August 06, 2013

New Book: "Cosmopolitanism versus Non-Cosmopolitanism"

Cosmopolitanism versus Non-Cosmopolitanism
Critiques, Defenses, Reconceptualizations

Ed. by Gillian Brock

(Oxford University Press, 2013)

352 pages



The debate between cosmopolitans and non-cosmopolitans flourishes. Contributors continue to disagree over at least fourteen core issues analyzed in this work, including these questions: What is distinctive about a cosmopolitan approach to matters of justice? What does the commitment to the ideal of moral equality entail for global justice? Does membership in associations, especially national ones, matter to our duties to one another in the global context? Does the global economic order violate the rights of the poor or harm their interests in ways that require reform or redress? What is it to be a good "world citizen" and is this in conflict with local duties and being a good citizen of a state? To what extent are cosmopolitan and special duties reconcilable? Do cosmopolitan or non-cosmopolitan theories provide a better account of our obligations or a more useful framework for mediating the interests of compatriots and non-compatriots?

Contents [preview]

1. Rethinking the Cosmopolitanism versus Non-Cosmopolitanism Debate - Gillian Brock2. We Are All Cosmopolitans Now - Michael Blake
3. On the Relation Between Moral and Distributive Equality - Andrea Sangiovanni
4. Cosmopolitanism Without If and Without But - Lea Ypi
5. Cosmopolitan Justice and Rightful Enforceability - Laura Valentini
6. Is There Really a Human Rights Deficit? - Saladin Meckled-Garcia
7. Severe Poverty as a Systemic Human Rights Violation - Elizabeth Ashford
8. For (Some) Political and Institutional Cosmopolitanism (Even if) Against Moral Cosmopolitanism - Miriam Ronzoni
9. Cosmopolitanism: Liberal and Otherwise - David Reidy
10. The Social and Institutional Bases of Distributive Justice [draft] - Samuel Freeman
11. Human Dignity, Associative Duties, and Egalitarian Global Justice - Darrel Moellendorf
12. Worldly Citizens: Civic Virtue without Patriotism - Simon Keller
13. Collective Agency and Global Non-Domination - Fabian Schuppert
14. The Cosmopolitan Controversy Needs a Mid-life Crisis - Richard W. Miller
15. Concluding Reflections - Thomas Pogge

Gillian Brock is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. She is the author of "Global Justice: A Cosmopolitan Account" (Oxford University Press, 2009).

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