Friday, August 02, 2013

Robert Bellah 1927-2013 - obituaries

Robert Bellah died July 31 of complications related to heart surgery. He was 86.

Links to obituaries and appreciations of Bellah:

* UC Berkeley News Center (Yasman Anwar)

* Crooked Timber (Kieran Healy)

* First Things (Matthew Schmitz)

* The Chronicle of Higher Education (Corey Robin)

* Tricycle (Alex Caring-Lobel)

* Patheos (Jeff Guhin)

* Hans Joas [English translation here]

* Mark Juergensmeyer

Jeffrey Alexander

* Los Angeles Times (Elaine Woo)

* New York Times (Margalit Fox)

* The New Republic (Michael Kazin)

* Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Patrick Bahners)

SciLogs (Michael Blume)

Web page dedicated to the work of Robert Bellah.

Also see my post on Robert Bellah's book "Religion in Human Evolution" (Harvard University Press, 2011).

And listen to an interview with Robert Bellah on his book and his evolutionary perspective here (60 minutes).

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