Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hugh Baxter on Habermas's Theory of Law

Professor Hugh Baxter has uploaded four papers on Jürgen Habermas:

* Habermas's Discourse Theory of Law and Democracy 
(Buffalo Law Review, vol. 50 (2002) pp. 205-340)

* Habermas's Sociological and Normative Theory of Law and Democracy: A Reply to Wirts, Flynn, and Zurn 
(Philosophy and Social Criticism, vol. 40 (2014) pp. 225-234; A symposium discussion on Hugh Baxter's book on Habermas)

* System and Lifeworld in Habermas's Theory of Law 
(Cardozo Law Review, vol. 23 (2002) pp. 473-615)

* System and Life-World in Habermas's 'Theory of Communicative Action' 
(Theory and Society, vol. 16 (1987) pp. 39-86)

Hugh Baxter is Professor of Law and Philosophy at Boston University. He is the author of "Habermas. The Discourse Theory of Law and Democracy" (Stanford University Press, 2011). See my post on Baxter's excellent book here

A new book on "Habermas and Law" is forthcoming on Ashgate Press, edited by Hugh Baxter.

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